Sport 2000 triples Czech and Slovak market share

22 Oct 2020

Sport 2000 estimates that it has tripled its market share in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through a partnership with A3 Sport, a Czech sports fashion retailer with 75 stores and retail sales of nearly €100 million, that became the retail brand’s partner in the two countries.

Sport 2000 was already represented in the two countries through 71 stores operated by 39 retailers in the Czech Republic, and 44 stores run by 27 retailers in Slovakia. They are affiliated with Sport 2000 in Austria. A3 Sport is a long-established regional
player, which sells mostly sports apparel and footwear, covering running and fitness as well as sports fashion. With an average size of just 370 square meters, the stores are often in city center locations and a few prominent malls.

Sport 2000 said that the 69 retail stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will undergo rebranding that will feature both brands.

The buying group said the deal is inflating its market share from 3% to 12% in the Czech Republic, and from 7.4% to 18.4% in Slovakia. Miroslav Škopek, chairman of A3 Sport’s management board, said in a statement that the partnership should support the retailer’s aim to focus more strongly on sports performance products.

“Sport 2000 is synonymous with sports performance and has great expertise in running, due not least to the high-quality execution by its running pros,” said Škopek. “Our dealers and customers benefit from this knowledge
and access to exclusive brands and products.”

A3 Sport competes directly with Sportisimo, another Czech retailer that has expanded into Slovakia, and more recently into Romania. Both are competing against foreign players such as Hervis, and increasingly Decathlon.

Most of A3 Sport’s retail stores are spread between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Three of them are in eastern Germany, in Dresden, Gera and Chemnitz, but these are not included in the partnership with Sport 2000.

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